kmrb 2014.1.9 Afghanistan is the producer of the w

kmrb 2014.1.9
Afghanistan is the producer of the world's largest opium. America that linger around to stick to Afghanistan is not an exaggeration to say that in order to want to protect the interests of opium.
Narcotics is a important source of funds for the war. The United States is the cultivation of drugs in North Korea, South Korea, that the reflux to Japan would already know everyone.
As a source of funding for the war, there is exploitation income from drug and country. Special account of Japan has just become the United States of war funds. Japan has common sense of mid-that it is dominated by the minority such as the CIA and Korea hamlets. Abe of Japan is a complete dog of American cult Jewish. That say the CIA to say as it is, only running. Just that lead to war want to Nasukoto cult Jewish thing to do.
What is now while keep saying adamantly opposed to the TPP? Soon even want such caliber do you not enter the TPP! TPP is not only a monkey fraud means deprived Japan of assets. It is the worst strategy to disrupt the Japanese financial. Economic effect of 10 trillion yen, Will that be anything even overlook 20 trillion yen? Japan is are buying American government bonds about 150 trillion yen. This money does not wear returned to poppy. The Come to the cult Jewish, I want to intercept Japan of Japan Post, the assets of Kampo as bicycle operation funds of the current. TPP is not a trade imbalance problem. Japan's assets snatch of cult Jewish is I'm purposes.
Story has it, but the Japanese are supporting the now cult Jewish. Because is Japan's Mitsui's money that the war funds of Kusoyudaya. So the world will change if Kaware Japan. Cult the Jewish purse should we returned to our hands. You can present a warm soup and delicious bread to the children who were hungry around the world if so. Wonderful thing you?
Story of the Afghan story and drugs is also to next time!






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